Art Show Title Tags

Art Show Title Tags

So I had about a week and a half to put together an art show.

Before I go further, first, I want to thank Amanda who got me this show. She is awesome, and a joy, and she wound up sacrificing her Labor Day to help with the show.

I was approached to do a show, and while I spoke with her and we discussed some details, I knew I wanted to do something amazing and intense, but I had no idea what. The show was going to be in a local cafe, and while photography is something I do and love, I didn't want that to be this show. Instead, it felt like the perfect time to do one of my pop art again.

If you've followed the project, you know what happened: I came up with a name, a flyer, and some ideas for giveaways.

What you don't know is I only had 3 days to get the show together physically

From Friday until Today, I had to get everything printed and framed. It sounds easy, but it also meant dealing with printers that did or didn't work, finding all the frames I needed in the size I needed and the right style, all while trying to do promotion work for the show itself and updating this stuff.

Today was all about framing all of the pieces, nearly 30 in total, and making labels to be mounted on the wall. That's what you're seeing in this photos, the labels I made to mount.

Three days. In 3 days I printed, bought frames, framed, posted flyers, ordered flyers, bugged friends, and made an art show.

Tomorrow night I hang this entire thing. But tonight? Tonight I rest.