CSS Design Award - Nominee

A great designer can control the hearts and minds of the masses

World domination through Design and Illustration.

That is the goal of Larry West Productions.

Larry West is a designer, illustrator, web coder, photographer, and skateboarder. "I've always said a great designer can control the hearts and minds of the world," explains West. Since you're still reading this, it's safe to say he's doing his job. Working at an excruciating pace to create the best art possible, rest is often put on the back-burner. Staying up late to put the finishing touches on a new design, inking that last line on a illustration, or testing CSS until the small hours of the morning, is a way a life for this methodical artist. Here you can peruse West's latest and greatest and he continues a prolific outpouring of material.

Illustration Portfolio of Larry West


I love illustration and specialize in fantasy and comic-based artwork. As an illustrator, I've worked on countless gig posters and worked for clients raging from multi-platinum bands to production studios.

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Graphic Design Portfolio of Larry West

Graphic Design

I have years of experience as graphic designer in countless fields, including poster design, website, merchandise design, logos, and various others. My designs have helped to spread influence from Occupy Philly to a Presidential Campaign.

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Web Design Portfolio of Larry West

Front-End Design

As a web designer, I love coding in HTML5 and CSS. I've created countless designs and layouts and have done everything from massive websites to one-page designs, from simple blog design tweaking to developing entire themes. I have over 10 years of experience and love learning new skills.

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Photography Portfolio of Larry West


From Rolling Stone Magazine to metal concerts, I love doing photography! I've had my photos used by various people, including Rolling Stone Magazine, Gizmodo, Blabbermouth, and more.

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