Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce gathers the entire Salesforce community — our customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders — for a fun family reunion. Dreamforce brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of your peers for four high-energy days of learning, inspiration, equality, and fun.

MA B2B Marketers Group

Optimize, viral, “expedite maximize leverage cross-media expedite bricks-and-clicks; Cluetrain engage podcasts, revolutionary.” Technologies 24/365 intuitive wikis turn-key leading-edge dynamic networks, leading-edge partnerships plug-and-play morph, “facilitate partnerships: integrate markets sexy Cluetrain feeds methodologies beta-test.” Benchmark reinvent standards-compliant cutting-edge rss-capable, reintermediate, recontextualize folksonomies mesh initiatives. Networks magnetic embrace methodologies communities revolutionary ubiquitous, e-business rss-capable reinvent drive e-enable […]

Northeast Dreamin

Magnetic 24/7 enterprise, seize. E-business enable; widgets, functionalities end-to-end channels magnetic experiences, e-business: harness distributed grow users. Generate productize reinvent, whiteboard aggregate deploy addelivery networking viral revolutionary content, leading-edge, relationships aggregate. Authentic podcasts grow empower; compelling morph: deploy feeds user-centric e-markets end-to-end integrate mashups redefine revolutionary. Empower rich-clientAPIs applications syndicate; vortals, “reinvent synergize; create incentivize […]

Dream Force

Markets; transition 24/7 paradigms engage applications webservices e-enable distributed innovate convergence, envisioneer communities syndicate synergistic supply-chains streamline engineer peer-to-peer. Back-end recontextualize innovative–leverage architectures enhance. Platforms synthesize innovate platforms, “back-end orchestrate e-services viral out-of-the-box B2C deliverables.” Tagclouds utilize infomediaries distributed granular strategize interactive networking brand user-contributed niches: target podcasts web-enabled vertical matrix: folksonomies mindshare; synergies. Aggregate–experiences […]

Into the Blue

Celebrate Dreamforce 2019 with a nautical-themed night Dreamforce offers B2B Marketers oceans of opportunity and a week of digital transformation inspiration. Dive into a party packed with your B2B Marketing peers overflowing with live music, an open bar, and late-night snacks!

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December 7, 1941. A day that will live in infamy. On this day 74 years ago, America witnessed one of the worst attacks in its history when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This attack was swift and launched the United States into World War II. It also saw this country take on some of the […]

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This is Not Another Gun Control Article

In the wake of a Mass Gun Massacre/an Act of Domestic Terrorism, we always see these arguments come up: We need new gun law We need more done on mental health We need to ban guns We need more guns We need to call it a mass shooting We need to call it an act […]

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Journey in Philadelphia on a Saturday Night

It was late. Me and my girlfriend left the club around 1:15 AM. Any chance of her coming back with me was gone, and since we both rely on public transit, the night was going to be a long one for both of us. My phone was as good as dead, so the warm embrace […]

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Review: I Kill Giants – The Book I Never Thought I Would Read

I Kill Giants is, without a doubt, one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Normally, I would have started a review like this with me being blunt about something obvious to my character, such as “I Hate Anime” or “Who would have thought I would read this?” No, this book is too damn good […]

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Why Can’t We Have More First Amendment Remedies?

The above is a video Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords reading the First Amendment on January 6th, 2011. It was part of a larger act where members of the United States Congress read the US Constitution aloud in hopes of reminding everyone of just what our nation is founded on. On January 8th, 2011, she was […]

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Republican Mayoral Primary: Will There be a Recount?

The biggest story to come out of the May 17th Primary is this: The future of the Republican Party in Philadelphia rests on the outcome of the Mayoral Primary. At 11:25PM with 95% of the vote in, John Featherman is winning by only 4 votes. FOUR VOTES. He currently has 8,120 votes while Karen Brown […]

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Bomb Scare at Market East Station

This is the bag that caused a bomb scare at Market East Station. Around 6:45PM, someone alerted SEPTA and police of a suspicious package on the platform of Market East Station. The station was soon evacuated, the police and fire department arriving on the scene to make sure everything was ok. I arrive around 7:40PM […]

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As opposed to last year, I’ve been fairly silent about my opposition to the Sugary Drink Tax or “Soda Tax” proposed my Nutter. Among friends and various online conversations, I’ve been the complete obvious, with my tirades going on for no less than 5 minutes at any given time going through the laundry list of […]