Model Mayhem - Redesign Concept

Client: Model Mayhem

I've been on Model Mayhem for a little over a year, and I rarely ever use it. I did a photo shoot recently and wanted to upload the photos, and realized that... well, the site is really hard and annoying to use. I came up with an idea to redesign and modernize the site.

Presented here is a focus on only the profile page, but in a lot of ways, the backbone of the site.

In this version, the site would be 100% full-screen and responsive. Just as importantly, the focus was on keeping a clean and modern look that allowed models and photographers to upload their photos and network. The current site tends to be hard to navigate and move around, and I wanted to clear that up.

The menu bar would be fixed at the top, and a search bar would allow you to search by names instead of just a number of the person you're looking for that you would have to know in the first place to find. The profile settings were really slimmed down, but more on that later.

The focus here was on the photos. I wanted you to be able to see who the person was, what their work was, and decide if you wanted to learn more and see more. I didn't want you to get overloaded with stuff you didn't need, let alone wanted.

Model Mayhem - Profile Page Redesgin Idea Model Mayhem - Profile Page Photos Redesgin Idea Model Mayhem - Profile Page Photo Redesgin Idea Model Mayhem - Profile Page Message Redesgin Idea