Blow the Scene Website

Client: Blow the Scene

"Hey, can you design a site for me that isn't too clean, but isn't too messy? Like a clean grunge look?"

One of the most interesting challenges I received as a web designer was to design the look and feel of Blow the Scene, a music and scene website created by Josh Cohen. At the time of his request I was starting to experiment with mixing my traditional grunge look with my new interest in Minimalism.

The site uses Wordpress as a back-end, and was created using XHTML properties. Since then, the site has been upgraded to HTML5 coding with a renewed focus on accessibility and SEO optimization.

The design made sure to focus on the content and compliment it instead of overpowering it, something that most music sites at the time didn't seem to understand. That, combined with an incredible staff of writes and photographers, the site has ranked among the top music sites in the world. - Website Design