Fuck Burzum! White Supremacy out of Metal T-Shirt Fuck Burzum! White Supremacy out of Metal Shirt

Fuck Burzum! White Supremacy out of Metal T-Shirt


I decided to make these because I'm just tired of people acting like supporting music created by a known racist white-supremacist convicted murderer and terrorist is OK. It's really not.

How can Black Lives Matter when you're supporting a racist?

How can you bash fascism while celebrating and supporting a fascist?

If you support Burzum, you have no brain and no life.

I made this as a response to the number of people rocking merch for a known white supremacist without fear and without irony. If you're as tired of it as I am, I hope you wear this shirt with pride or at least take comfort in knowing others agree with you that we need this crap out of the metal scene.

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$5 of each shirt goes towards the ACLU.

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