Black Lives Matter Black Metal T-Shirt

Black Lives Matter Black Metal Logo T-Shirt

Being a big metal head, a few years back I wanted to make a Black Lives Matter shirt that fit my personality. I wanted something I could wear to metal shows and sort of blend in a bit and kinda subvert the idea of what black metal itself was. What came out was this design.

The symbol in the middle is supposed to be an African symbol of Strength, and from there there are roots running through the entire piece that symbolize the roots of everyone in this nation, Black or otherwise, and how we're all connected and how that gives us strength. The trees symbolize reaching up, the swamp is just metal but also represents the South. The chains represents the struggles we once went through, and the black fists represent overcoming obstacles. On the ends of the "M" and "R" are African symbols for endurance, which I thought lent itself well to the fists. The shaky line in the middle represents two things: the sounds of people standing up for themselves in a good day, and the fact that "lives" matter, so it also represents a heart beat. The top of the "B" and "S" also feather-off on purpose since the entire top is supposed of sort of "fly away" in freedom.

Finally an American Flag because I'm still a proud American.


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