Black Metal Garden Gnome Photo of back of Gnome Detail of Gnome

Black Metal Garden Lawn Gnome

Are you ready for the most metal lawn gnome you've ever seen? Ready to freak out the neighbors and piss of the Home Owners Association? Or maybe you're just looking for something awesome to put in your house. Then do I have the thing for you!

This Trve Kvlt Black Metal Garden Gnome is here to wreck havock on your home during the night and terrorize your neighbors!

This one-of-a-kind Garden Gnome is hand painted and sealed for your protection with decroative markings.

The gnome is shipped in bubble wrap and... that's really it. I don't know, maybe I'll throw in a Certificate of Authenticity, too?

Gnome is 17" tall, 8" wide, and weighs about 10 pounds.


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