Worldwide Collectibles

Client: Worldwide Collectibles and Gifts
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Style Guide
  • Graphic Design
  • PHP Programming
  • HTML and CSS

The Problem:

After 15 years without an update, I was approached by Worldwide Collectibles and Gifts to give their website a massive redesign and front-end coding overhaul.

The Challenge:

The website was still using HTML Tables for their layouts and wasn’t mobile friendly. The user base was over 65-years-old and were using smartphones more than ever. The new website has to be incredibly easy to navigate, work on mobile devices, and still be flexible enough to allow for people with little or no experience to update.

Worldwide Collectibles - Before the redesign

The Solution:

Working with the owner of the company and their in-house programmer, I laid out a grid system using the 1140 CSS Grid System as a basis. We kept the home page and navigation system with a large banner area to get people interested in featured items on the website. Below that we put in their biggest name brands and then a random sampling of items that changed on page load.

The item pages were simplified and users were given the ability to click from one item to the next in the system. The checkout was streamlined from a 6-step process to a simple one-page process to help decrease cart abandonment. We increased their SEO by introducing micro-tagging and semantic HTML coding. The design went from a static table for a website layout to a fully-responsive HTML5-based design that could work on anything from a desktop to a phone at a flea market.

The Results:

The site saw an increase in traffic and the company saw improved SEO and higher revenues in the ensuing months. Cart abandonment decreased thanks to the improved single-page experience. The mobile layout has helped the site get more customers using smartphones than ever before.

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