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Client: Marquis Magazine
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The Problem:

After changing hands and relaunching the brand, German fetish magazine and global brand Marquis Magazine needed a new website.

The Challenge

After being dormant for a few years and getting a new owner, Marquis Magazine was looking to relaunch but needed a website that reflected a mix of old and new.

Marquis Magazine Website Presentation

The Solution:

Working with the owner directly, we looked at a variety of references for ideas on how to do the layout. I looked at a variety of examples, from Playboy to Maxim, to get an idea of what sort of layout users would expect from the premiere luxury fetish magazine brand.

After doing the wireframes, I realized I wanted to keep the website layout as similar to the magazine as possible.

The design used large header areas on articles to make it feel similar to the magazine. I used the provided samples to dissect what made the magazine give it its look and feeling, and utilized similar fonts for the website. Each article had a link to the next at the bottom that looked engaging to the user.

A landing page was created to help direct people to the web store or the website itself.

The Results:

Traffic went up immediately to the new site as new articles went up.

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