Felony's Brutal Beastro

Client: Felony's Brutal Beastro
  • Graphic Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Research
  • Front-End Development
  • HTML and CSS

The Problem:

Felony’s Brutal Beastro, a food truck in Austin, TX, needed a website that allowed people to see their menu and upcoming events on both computers and smartphones.

The Challenge

At a time when responsive websites were still a novel idea, I needed to create a fully-responsive website that showed Felony’s menu, events, and locations so people with smartphones could access it easily.

Felony's Brutal Beastro Website Presentation

The Solution:

I kept it as a simple one-page website. Multiple pages were unnecessary and with a navigation that was stuck to the page, it would always be easy to get to the section you needed. Numerous restaurant and food truck websites I researched also showed that a simple one-page layout would be ideal.

The look kept the edgy design of the branding while still being easy to use. Using the 1140 CSS Grid, we were able to create a fascinating, responsive website.

The Results:

Felony’s Brutal Beastro’s initial launch was a resounding success and the website helped to inform customers in the hip Austin, TX market about what was going on from day one.

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