Taco In a Bag - Trading Cards

Client: Taco in a Bag

Taco in a Bag is an exciting and revolutionary brand in Chicago, IL, that's focused on creating some of the best tacos around and their brand is entirely about food, fun, and have a great time!

To help promote the brand, I created multiple trading cards to go with their catering business that showed the "anatomy" of their amazing tacos. This helped with their catering business so that people knew how to put together their favorite tacos themselves. The cards featured references to pop-culutre images and helped to protray their fun side.

Artwork © 2015 Taco in a Bag, all rights reserved.

Taco In a Bag Card - Big Jim Taco In a Bag Card - Big Jim Back Taco In a Bag Card - Cheeseburger Taco In a Bag Card - Reverse Coney Taco In a Bag Card - Pizza in a Bag Taco In a Bag Card - Angry Bird