Weekly World News - Graphics and Branding

Client: Weekly World News

Relaunching in 2019 in a world of fake news, Weekly World News was looking to re-establish itself as the world’s only reliable news source, and they needed a designer to help with their credibility. Sadly, they only found me.

Over the course of a year, I helped create a layout system for their newspaper front page that leaned heavily on their esteemed past. At one point, I also designed a full branding package for the company, including an updated logo and stationary.

In support of their 2020 Presidential campaign, I helped the Bat Boy 2020 campaign with their branding.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this illustrative institution and supporting real news.

Weekly World News - December 24, 2019 Weekly World News - Trump Sends Mailboxes to the Moon Weekly World News - November 26, 2019 Weekly World News - August 20, 2020 Weekly World News Stationary Layout