Mt. Airy Art Garage - Logo and Branding

Client: Mt. Airy Art Garage

Established in 2009 by Arleen and her partner Linda, the Mt. Airy Art Garage (MAAG) always had a mission of art and inclusivity. It was during its 10-year anniversary that, as a Board Member, I wanted to pitch an idea of a complete logo redesign and branding. In 2020, it was approved, and we launched a brand-new chapter of the organization.

The new logo was based on the organization’s history and its future. The colors came from the first MAAG logo that was designed when the organization first started. Instead of spelling out the name for the logo, I went with the acronym that everyone was familiar with. The colors represented various artistic practices: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, and Digital Arts.

It was designed to be versatile and also allow for images inside of it when wanted, and to be an amazing monotone word mark when needed.

The surrounding branding also took a key concept from the original MAAG logo, and that was the garage aspect. Items highlighting events at MAAG would have a garage border to help honor our history.

The stationary was designed to be minimalistic and focus on the fact that MAAG was a space for artists. The business card was designed with a large white space underneath the garage on plain paper, so people could literally put their art in the Mt. Airy Art Garage. Board Members would get cards with their own artwork on them.

The logo and branding was a success, and in the years since the portion of Germantown Avenue it’s sat on has seen additional revitalization. The organization has gained more foot traffic thanks to the colorful logo on the front of the building, especially at night when it’s lit up. MAAG has also received an increase in revenue in the year immediately after the rebranding launch.

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