Invasion of Ukraine Resistance Posters

Client: Personal

I wanted to do something to show support for the people of Ukraine, and between my graphic design skills, advertising background, and knowledge of propaganda design, I wanted to create something that not only could show support but could also be used by the people of Ukraine.

The result was this series of posters.

The designs are largely in Ukrainian, with two Russian-language posters for those currently occupying their country on behalf of Putin telling them to leave.

All the posters are made in A3 size, and the black-and-white variants were to help limit the use of resources in Ukraine proper, so anyone who wanted to print them out wouldn’t use as much ink compared to full color.

Glory to Ukraine, Stop Putin Poster The Ghost of Kyiv Poster Go Home! We will show you the way! Let sunflowers bloom where your enemies lie. Russian, do you want ₽5 Million? Putin is a War Criminal