Ron Paul 2012 - Philadelphia Fundraiser Shirt Design Ron Paul 2012 - Philadelphia Fundraiser Shirt

Ron Paul 2012 - Philadelphia Shirt Design

Client: Ron Paul 2012 Campaign

It isn't often that you're asked to do a design for a presidential campaign, and even rarer when its for someone you like.

Politics aside for a moment, this was a last-minute job request while I was in the middle of 3 other high-priority projects for other clients. I did everything I could to make sure that not only were the other clients well taken care of, but that my contact with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign was satisfied as well.

The shirt was for a fund-raising event that his campaign had organized in Philadelphia, and the shirt would only be available at this event. I was given 72 hours to come up with a design and a final deliverable. I had something in 48.

The design was a massive success for the event and helped to raise a lot of money for the campaign.