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Occupy Philly

Client: Occupy Philly

The biggest question I've been forced to ask myself as a designer is this: How do you help to define a movement?

During the start of Occupy Philly, I knew I wanted to do something as a designer to help with their message on income inequality, but the question became how do you create an identiy for something that was so hard to design?

I spoke to as many people at the City Hall occupation as possible, and working with the Media Group and various others, we created posters and passes to help with organizing the protest.

We create posters for the event itself, and I was also responsible for establishing some sort of comprehensive look for the posters and flyers. Sometimes I was called to do a flyer for an event in as little as 12 hours.

The result? The Liberty Bell poster was named one of the best posters of the Occupy movement by various blogs, the Media and Safety Passes I designed helped to keep members of the media and safety out of harms way, and the poster for the day of the eviton became a symbol for the persistance of the concept that you can not simply eliminate an idea.

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