Demonic Goddess - Design Idea

Demonic Goddess - Design Idea

I had at least one other piece I was working on today, but because there's no heat in my house and it is freezing in here, I couldn't draw. Well, more like didn't want too because its cold and I want to get to bed and call the gas company in the morning.

On that note, even before I picked the theme of my last art show, I knew exactly what the show was that I wanted to do next: "Demonic Goddess".

I didn't do it for my current show because none of the pieces are done yet, and it is a very involved idea. Ideally, this would become a gallery show, although I do like the idea of doing it in a cafe again, but we'll see.

This is going to be an intensenly personal show, one dealing with a lot of my thoughts on modern society and theology in general. The style of the pieces is going to be unlike most of what you've seen from me before, with more symbolism and detail going into the pieces than before. Also, unlike my current show with its nearly 50 pieces, this is going to be very scaled down to no more than 10, if that.

The logo itself was a very tough one, but I decided to go with an Art-Deco style. Formal without being too formal, and able to convey a sense of regality without being overpowering.