Guitar Pick Box - Full Layout Concept

Guitar Pick Box - Full Layout Concept

Yesterday I showed my idea for the cover of a guitar pick box, and today I sat down and finally fleshed it out some more. Not 100%, but its better than before.

I want to do this double-sided, with the idea being that getting this should make you feel really good, that you just got an awesome piece of... well, AWESOME. Here's what I wrote on the inside:

"Do you know that feeling you get when you're at a show and the guitarist throws their pick into the crowd? The metal is cranking like crazy, they may have just done the craziest riff imagineable, and then you get to grab IT, the very pick they used to create this music! The way everyone scrambles for that pick is amazing, and sometimes people get hurt for it.

This is it. This is YOUR pick. This is you chance to create the music people will remember, and who knows, maybe they'll relish this pick as much as you did when you went to that show.

I know I loved designing it!"

Hopefully I'll have a photo of a mock-up tomorrow.