The Loudest are the Dumbest

The Loudest are the Dumbest

"Why are the people with the least interesting things to say always the loudest?" Larry West

You can quote me on this one, because its irritating that its so true.

I was on the bus today, and some idiot was on their phone chatting up a storm. They were loud, annoying, irritating, and for some stupid reason myself and everyone else on the bus did nothing to tell her any of that. The conversation was nothing more than vapid nonsense.

Earlier that same day, me and a few other people met to discuss politics. We were frustrated over how often it seems that, no matter what sort of progress you try to make, it always seems to fall on deaf ears. Keeping schools open? Paid sick leave? Anything that could help people is often over-shadowed by the people yelling the loudest about banning abortion or privatizing the lottery.

Or, in short, the people with the least interesting things always seem to be the loudest. It's up to us to just either be louder or tell them to quiet down.