Shamrock Shake Crawl

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A couple of days ago, I saw a thread on Reddit asking what people in Philly were planning for St. Patty's Day. Now, I don't drink, and more importantly, I don't give two shits about a man who thought threatening to kill all the Non-Christians was a good way of converting them. That said, I do like going out and wearing green.

So I sarcastically wrote, "Shamrock Shake Crawl", and an idea was born!

The idea is basically like a "Bar Crawl", only it involces Shamrock Shakes. You walk around from McDonald's to McDonald's and drink Shamrock Shakes, fries, or whatever. You wear green and play Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly songs as loud as possible in between stops.

The night ends when you can't move or decide to hit up the bars instead.