Performing Live

Performing Live

So I'm not in this photo, nor is the photo the achievment. In fact, for the first time, I can't post the actual creative thing I did today. Why? Because this time, it was performing live.

One thing I wanted to do when I started this project was to also periodically post me playing music. I play the guitar, I'm constantly writing stuff, and ideally I would periodically post a recording I made that day.

Long story short, I played an open mic with a live band, something I've only done once before. It went OK. The band mostly played funk and jazz, and I went up and tried to play a metal riff I wrote.

I didn't record anything, didn't get a photo taken: I just went up and played. I wrote a song right there on stage and had a good time.

And THAT is my creative achievement for the day.