Locust Queen - Shirt Design and Logo

Locust Queen Shirt Design Locust Queen - Logo Design Locust Queen - Shirt Comp

So I had the idea of doing a Satanic Clothing line for a while, and after yesterday's Black Metal logo design, I finally decided to at least get started. A few designs have been sitting in my book for a while, and today I decided to ignore them all and do something completely different.

The piece presented here is called "Locust Queen", and is meant to be the "signature" piece. It was originally going to look more like another piece of mine, Famine, but I changed my mind and decided to go for a different look entirely. I took inspiration from Brom to come up with her look, namely her leather helmet.

The name of the clothing line comes from two different songs, and the idea of using locusts in general is an idea I've had since at least 2007. I always was fascinated by the fact that they arrive, seemingly out of nowhere, and out of the most intense conditions possible.