I don't know, just... meh.

To be honest, I hate this piece more than I can describe. In fact, its the type of thing I wound never, ever, EVER show people. But I decided that I would do one piece a day, one creative achievement, and despite the fact I didn't feel like doing anything today, nothing creative at all, I decided to do this.

I actually had a decent day, but I'm just depressed. I don't know why, but I am...

I don't like the idea of putting something out in the world that you don't believe in, and I don't believe in putting something out that you don't always agree with. In a lot of ways, its the feeling I've had for a while about a lot of things. I've made choices I'm not happy with, and as an artist I rarely feel like I'm honest with my work.

What would I love to do? I have about 50 ideas I've been sitting on for one reason or another, and I'd love to develope them. Maybe this is the piece I needed to get out my system before I start doing it.

Hate is one hell of an emotion, isn't it?