Electronic Dominatrix 2013

Electronic Dominatrix 2013

So, the Electronic Dominatrix, what is that? The idea was that we're ruled by out machines of lust, that we willing submit ourselves to our electronic devised for the pleasure they give. Be it a TV, our computers, phones, tablets, video games, etc, we all submit to the Mistress.

After getting my new art desk set up yesterday, I wanted to break it in. After looking at some old sketchbooks, I decided to try and flesh out an idea I've had for years.

This piece was inspired by something I saw about 10 years ago and I wanted to try and develope it some more and see where it would go. This feels like a rough sketch, but I'm also proud of how it came out.

Long-term, I want to flesh out who this is, what motivates them, etc, but for now its cool. I plan on finishing the colors but I wanted to show the flats as-is before I worked on it some more.

One final note: I'm proud I actually got off my ass, then BACK on my ass, and drew something at my desk. Hopefully this will be a trend.