Life - A Limited Supply

Life - A Limited Supply

So.... life.

This was a really weird, annoying, stressful, and sometime fun week for me. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing great happened. At the same time, a lot of stuff happened.

One day I met someone who made me incredibly depressed about where I was and where I was headed, and the next night I got on stage and played a song I wrote on a stage for the first time in my life. Despite all my angrer and rage, despite all the ups and downs... it finally just kinda clicked today.

Life. In the most abstract way possible, think of it as nothing more than an item.

You know how you may have that "special thing"? That CD you only listen to on certain occasions? That piece of food you can only get that one certain time of year? That vacation time you're saving? You only get to use it once. That's it. Once you use it, POOF, its gone forever. At the same time, it most likely is entirely up to you how you use it, when, how, and everything else. Its YOURS.

Simply put, that's life. You can choose to either let everything get to you or you can choose to do something else entirely. In the end, you only get to use it once and decorate it anyway you want.

Mmm... I guess life is more like a Custom Vinyl, actually. You can keep repainting it if you want, but you still get to do whatever you want with it.