No More than 4 Cups of Coffee

No More than 4 Cups of Coffee

I hate this piece.

Why? Because it looks like the type of crap I would otherwise insult and make fun of for being so damn lazy and uninspired. So why the hell would I ever post it? Easy: I said I would post something every day, and here it is. I think, looking back, the best thing about this piece is going to be the story behind it, so here we go.

I woke up in the middle of allergy season with a stuffy nose and decent weather. I spent the entire day clogged up and took some allergy medicine around 11AM, after 2 cups of coffee. Don't ask me why, but despite not eating until 3pm, and even if I had, caffeine likes to kick in whenever it damn well pleases.

On the way home, I come up with an amazing idea for a piece and I can't wait to get home and work on it! The piece is amazing, brilliant, and amazing, and I realize I left the tool I needed at the office. Damn.

So after getting home around 6pm, I watched some TV, relaxed, and watched Justice League. I wound up fixing my skateboard and going to Walmart in 60-degree weather and getting some stuff at 8 at night. I have some fun in the parking lot, talk to the bus driver, work on stuff for clients and back to some TV to try and relax. Next thing I know it's 10PM and, yep, no ideas.

So why the poster, you ask? Why post this? Because sometimes you have an amazing idea and you do something awesome... and sometimes you drink too much fucking coffee.